Happy release day to this wonderful novel that I’m sure will make people giggle, laugh and close their eyes in happiness after they are done with the book.

Right from the start I adored the writing, this is my first book from this author and I’m impressed with the way the story flowed so well until the very end. This is an honest to God opnion of mine that, we need more books like these in our lives and I’m so glad that I found this book and it felt like a real warm hug with loads of laughter and fun.

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Say Yes by Kandi Steiner 💕

The angst queen is back with another heart tendering novel that left me clutching my kindle and taking deep breaths after the book was done.

Happy release day to ‘Say Yes’, a book that made me appreciate myself and what I do. Thank you @valentine_pr_ for the ARC, Kandi Steiner’s books are just that, they are something that will change a part of you and make you either better or stronger. This book made me appreciate life and I think I’m a bit stronger now to follow my dreams.

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Perfect for the pride month, with immensely emotional, friends to lovers gay romance novel.

Marley Valentine was an author I came across accidentally while browsing books and her book “Without You” was my first foray into a full length mm romance novel and it was so good.

The characters, her writing and the story itself was so warm and lovely with both sadness and pain entwined together beautifully.

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This is not fiction.

This is a time in my life when I realised that words can be much more harmful that a physical blow.

I was in the fourth grade, I was always an angry kid and fortunately I didn’t turn into the hulk when anger got the best of me.

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A Fate of Wrath & Flame by K. A. Tucker 🔥

Happy release day !!!

A fantasy novel from one of my favourite contemporary romance authors. I was in! The moment I saw fantasy and K. A. Tucker’s name together I just was so excited.

This book grabbed hold of my attention and pulled me under its shining magic depths with reckless abandon and I went in willingly into dark unknown waters.

Thank you @valentine_pr_ for the ARC and this book has been an angst filled, slow burn yet complexly built ride.

My edits 🥰🔥 I had so much fun making this 🖤
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Happy release day to this heart-wrenching yet beautifully crafted magical book. Thank you valentine_pr_ for the ARC.

For Lucy, is a book that lived up to its name in all things that mattered, a softness permeated the whole story right from the start until the very end of the book, the softness was the precious fatherly love that made my heart a broken but glued up messy mush.

I loved making this edit for this painful but beautiful book💜
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The Heartbreaker by Claire Contreras ❤️ || Release day Blitz and review

Happy release day to ‘The Heartbreaker’, Claire Contreras is back with an amazing yet perfectly light and lovable book.

What makes a story irresistible? What makes you devour a book and consider showering and eating a chore while taking a break when reading? What makes you sigh with happiness after a book and feel like the world is a better place because such a particular book exists.

The Heartbreaker by Claire Contreras
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I couldn’t feel my fingers or my toes, lying on the immensely cold hard rock surface with blood in my nose and the rain in my eyes, I for the life of me couldn’t figure out what the hell had happened to me. I lifted myself up painfully slow and took a deep breath which felt like inhaling fire hot daggers, I put one foot in front of the other. Walking on the cold rough stone was making me dizzy with pain, I looked down to see my feet, they were bare and the tips of my toes were turning blue.

Image source : Pinterest
Edited by me 😉
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