It’s been a K-drama year

Firstly … whoa the year 2022 is almost done

Secondly … It’s been a horrible reading year

Thirdly … It’s been too ridiculously long since I’ve written a blog post

Fourthly (If it i even a word) … It’s mostly been a kdrama year for me.

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You’re Fat – A thing I hear almost everyday, my entire 25 years that I’ve lived.


Hello folks, welcome to my blog again and today I want to tell you all another part of my chaotic life that has never left me alone.

Let me start many years back, 24 years ago…

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What Lovers Do by Jewel E. Ann πŸ’•

Lo and Behold, it’s release day for this beautiful and wonderfully crafted book…

Thank you @valentine_pr_ for having me as a part of this amazing release day for this superb book. Jewel E Ann, you are a Jewel indeed.

We are all one event away from losing. Losing our minds. A job. A loved one. A marriage. A dream. We are all one event away from losing ourselves. Stability and sanity are not human qualities. They are not genetic traits. They are a state of mind.

-Sophie, What Lovers Do by Jewel E Ann
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Group Therapy by B B Easton πŸ˜

A book that had me laughing from the very first chapter to smiling with gratitude at the very end. B B Easton has done it again, she made me a world away from reality in which I could enjoy a story without having to worry about life and its heavy problems.

This quirky, fast paced, gut punching and hilarious read will be one of the coolest books I’ve read this year and I’m pretty sure of that.

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My Summer In Seoul by Rachel Van Dyken✨

Well, one thing that I can definitely say about this book was that it made very nostalgic towards K-dramas. It’s been a while since reality has swallowed me up and pushed K-dramas a little farther away, so between work and trying to get enough sleep I actually realized that I miss watching K-dramas a lot.

Let me warn you though, that was just a small part of the book. This book encompasses the ‘dark side of k-pop’ and it ain’t pretty.

Thank you @valentine_pr_ for the ARC.

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His For The Holidays by Samantha Chase πŸŽ„πŸ’•

Happiest release day to this cute holiday themed book. To be honest, the emotional changes in this book gave me a whiplash.

The book had a very nice cozy feel to it, along with the leads being a pair of wonderful fools who decide that fake dating is the way to get through the holiday and y’all know how that works out. Thank you @valentine_pr_ for the ARC.

Roast the chestnuts and hang the stockings, Gage has a plan! 

With the help of the 55 and over residents, magical flurries, and a never-ending supply of hot cocoa with extra marshmallows, he’s determined to show Hannah that Christmas is the most wonderful time of year to fall in love…

His for the Holidays by @samanthachaseromance is now LIVE!

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Washed Up by Kandi Steiner πŸ’•πŸ˜­

Happy release day to this wonderfully written, emotional and a punch to the gut book!! As always Kandi Steiner had me in the book, along with the characters, with them in the deep pool of emotions and I for this book I just couldn’t stop squealing out loud at every chapter and scene.

Thank you @valentine_pr_ for this amazing ARC and I’m so so glad to be a part of this books’ release

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