It started from the buses I travelled in, the crowded buses, the people infested buses, the stuffy crowded buses, the hot aired un-breathable buses, the touchy feely rage inducing men but, they aren’t men are they? They’re more like a nuisance to the society and to women.

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The Right Player by Kandi Steiner 🏈 || blog tour and review

I would love to thank @valentinepr for hosting and having me on this blog tour and for the opportunity to review this marvellous book

I admit that I am an emotional mess, every time I read Kandi Steiner’s books I become a potential sobbing, laughing, caring and unhinged mess, all this is because she writes books so beautifully, with humour, pain, excitement, heart-ripping heartache, joy, mind numbing sadness and above all hopeful love. Warning : This book is 18+ and filled with hotness.

The right player by Kandi Steiner
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I had a bad feeling that day, maybe I should have just stayed home and drowned out that feeling in my gut with some good sleep and my mother’s cooking but I couldn’t ignore college because I was a studious student bordering on a nerd and I was proud of it. My college was exactly fifteen kilometres of traffic, dust and noise away from my home and that day I just had a bad feeling about going to college.

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Trees and vines all around me, the sticky drops of water keeps permeating my hair and I’m feeling like a week old cake, which was kept out in the open but under a dripping tap. I wanted to get out, enough of the greenery, the damp, the mist, the worms, the bugs and most of all the blood sucking mosquitoes and suddenly, there is this rumbling sound that sounds exactly like a big hungry bear. I definitely did not want to be mauled by a bear.

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To celebrate reading diverse books @paperbacksandpen i.e. Kajree, hosted a diverse reads readathon on her instagram page which had a lot of enticing prompts, which made me take up the readathon even though I had already committed myself to three readathons and two book club picks. 

I was a bit hesitant to sign up at first but then I thought “I can try, I won’t be put in jail if I can’t read for all the prompts’ above all, the main thing was that I have too many diverse books on my shelf which need to read so I went along and made a fabulous TBR for myself from my pre-existing mountainous TBR and here I am with a wrap up for the fabulous #diversereadsreadathon.

Few old books that I own 💚
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I am definitely not a non-fiction reader, on top of that not a memoir reader at all, but I am currently participating in a readathon called @magicalathon, which presented an opportunity for me to pick this book up. One of the prompts for my class was called Realms of Knowledge which is ‘to read a book outside of my comfort zone’. So I picked Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, it’s literally been years since I’ve read any non-fiction book and since I had this book and wow! What a fine book this turned out to be. I will try my best to tell you in a spoiler free review about why I liked this book so much.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
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Hello fellow readers, bloggers and everyone

My friend Sumedha texted me earlier yesterday giving me this idea of recommending or highlighting some South-Asian author books of authors who actually stay right here in South-Asia, because this kind of list is a bit lacking I was suggested to make one and that was a great opportunity. The first thing I did was typed “which countries come under the South-Asian region” and then I made a list.

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I’ll start the review with the line that came to my mind while I first typed the title of the review. There often comes a book which makes it’s way into one of the contours of my soul and stays there forever and this was one such amazing book. This book was a heartfelt pleasure and had a bundle of emotions that tied itself to me in a maze and made me love it completely.

Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri
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The Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag 2020

So many have been doing this amazing tag and I planned to do it in June but couldn’t do it last month, but as the saying goes ‘better late than never’ here I am with my mid-year book freak out tag that I’ll be totally freaking out over. I’ve decided to consider books that I’ve read until June for this list of superb questions. So here goes nothing …

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