This is a raw and honest talk on the crappy sex education seminars we had in our schools and colleges so if you don’t like this topic don’t read it. don’t hate or be rude. If you do want to know more, you’re more than welcome to read it.

You have been warned
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The Lost Fisherman by Jewel E. Ann 💖

Happiest release day to this emotionally turbulent and heart-achingly beautiful book.

Have I told you all .. that Jewel E. Ann is an amazing writer? That her words make me dive deep into the feel of the book and sigh with contentment? If I haven’t, I’m saying it now that she is an amazing writer.

I had the good luck to be accepted to read the Fisherman series which is a duology. The gap between the books released wasn’t much but I couldn’t wait and when I got to the second book, my heart just exploded in giddy happiness.

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A Match Made in Spain by Rochelle Merrill ❣️

Happy release to this beautiful and lovely book, this book is an adventure that will leave you with a smile at the end. Thank you @greyspromo for the ARC.

Right from the very start, the book was hilarious. There is something beautiful about a strangers meet from different country and fall in love trope, there is something so beautiful about the way this trope has been written in this book that it made me hug my kindle at the end.

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