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You wanna cry?
You wanna shout?
You wanna talk to someone?
You wanna live?
Do it, do it all …
Scared? Feeling judged? Pressurized? Angry? Irritated? Frustrated? Let down? Feeling low? Strangled? Feeling like shit? Nauseous? Fed up? Trapped? In pain? Forgotten? Unfairness?

Mental health isn’t a taboo .. you need to speak up.
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I saw him every day and every day I would just admire him to the depths of my heart. 

One fine drizzly day, as I was speed walking to the bus stop, faster than I’ve ever walked before because the front portion of my bag wasn’t water proof and my precious earphones were in it, I stumbled on a root almost face planting in the uneven asphalt. I balanced myself and looked around to check how many people had witnessed one of my most embarrassing moments. I mean I was a college going 22 year old student who tripped over a root and was balancing herself in an awkward position so I looked around.

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As a tribute to one of the greatest writers of all time Chloe Anthony Wofford Toni Morrison aka simply known as Toni Morrison who recently passed away on the 5th of August 2019, we a group of people on instagram started a #tonimorrisonreadathon in her honour. This readathon was started by Vidya a bookstagrammer and soon there were many who had engaged in this tribute. Well a tribute given by reading and discussing her books is a great way to pay our respects, so I picked up the novel ‘beloved’ and started off with the journey.